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Paulan Cowling

HELLO!   I have enjoyed the extended “spring break” but I am soooooo over it now.  I MISS EVERYONE!!!

Covid-19 is not going to steal our Joy, stop our Creativity, we will Transform each day.  This is where I want you to start.  Keep a journal, one page a week.  You may continue in your sketchbook/journal.  I know some left your book at school, no worries, pages can be fixed into your books when we return.  Don’t have paper?  Get up the empty cereal or mac-n-cheese box use the inside.  Recycle that junk mail the back of the envelope or the letterhead is usually blank.  Use crayons to draw even food color and water or alcohol for watercolor effects. Needle and thread to sew a line, nail polish or old eyeshadow (fix with hairspray).  Experiment! Have Fun!  Take a picture of your page(s) and email or text to me.  I will share your awesome creativity in my Photo Album section.

AP Students keep working.  Upload photos of your pieces to your digital portfolio.  I will be able to see the pieces and your statements.  Email, text or just call me if you need anything.  AP STUDENTS – effective 3/31/2020 – College Board AP Art & Design 2-D and Drawing Portfolios have been modified. 

                        (1)  Sustained Investigation (Concentration) – 10 works – NOT 15 – to be submitted digitally

                        (2) Selected Works (Quality) – 3 works – NOT 5 – to be submitted digitally not mailed in

                       (3) Deadline extended to May 15, 2020, 11:59 pm CT

***As always I am just a text, phone call or e-mail away if you have any questions. 


Everyone keep checking in here and STAY SAFE!  SEE YOU SOON!



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