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Ashley Deaton

7th Grade— Week of May 10th—Catch up week. Make sure all of the IXLs below are completed.

Past assignments were AA.4  N.2  M.1 E.10  BB.7  BB.12  BB.2 and BB.16

Email me if you need anything!

I will be putting weekly assignments on this page.

Check on your classmates and help them by reminding them to check all teacher’s webpages!

Miss y’all and hope to see you all soon! Stay Safe!



8th Grade— Week of May 10th—work on getting caught up. Make sure all the assignments below are completed. 

Past assignments were R.4  T.14  X.6  I.1  P.5  CC.16  Y.9 and I.6

Email me if you need ANYTHING! 

If you have an IPHONE, download the free app Calculate 84 for a Scientific Calculator

If you have a SAMSUNG, download the free app CALC84 for a Scientific Calculator

I will be putting weekly assignments on this webpage

Miss y’all! Stay Safe!

Ashley Deaton

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