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Belief Statements

North Hopkins ISD Belief Statements

Student Learning – We believe that students should have multiple ways of measuring, demonstrating and applying learned skills with clear communication of expectations with streamlining of learning to produce independent learners and thinkers.

Adult Learning – We believe community wide adult learning is an ever changing lifelong process that is a key element in improving student success.

Active Leadership – We believe that active leadership is the ability to positively influence others to achieve our goals and all stakeholders can be leaders and are responsible for leading and cultivating all others as active leaders.  Also, in this process, we are all empowered to achieve success in our goals.

Change – We believe that change should reflect clear, concrete goals starting with adults, teachers and parents and we should systematically measure changes in light of our goals.

Diversity – We believe that diversity is inevitable, beneficial and should be embraced by students, teachers and community members.

Collaboration & Inclusion – We believe that parents, teachers and students should collaborate as an inclusive unit.

Accountability & Responsibility – We believe that all stakeholders – parents, students, teachers, administration and community members are responsible for and should be collectively held accountable  for student success.